LCD Panel Price Rise! Which Industries Will Be Affected?



According to the report, after SYTECH, the world's second-largest copper clad laminate manufacturer announced an increase in the price of copper clad laminate (CCL), one of the main raw materials for printed circuit boards (PCB), domestic copper clad laminate manufacturers also followed suit. Copper clad laminate is the main raw material for circuit board (and there is no substitute material at present), which makes the cost and price of "printed circuit board (PCB)" increase, which leads to the price change of LCD panel which is highly dependent on PCB.
In November, the price of LCD panel still did not stop rising, but this has brought a lot of impact on the industry and its subsidiary industries. Samsung, LG, and other Korean manufacturers suspended the LCD production plan, and domestic LCD panel manufacturers headed by BOE had a sharp increase in shipment; the TV industry mainly consumed by the LCD panel, such as Hisense, TCL, Skyworth, Konka, Xiaomi and other domestic well-known TV manufacturers have successively increased the export price of products.
We can see that the price of LCD panels has been rising all the way, and the prices of TV, monitor, commercial computer, tablet, and other products have increased to a certain extent. And with the commercial computer corresponding, the industrial panel PC also inevitably has a certain price change.
In the panel composition of the industrial panel PCS, the LCD screen as an important part is also an important factor to determine the choice of product touch mode. According to the resistance, capacitance, non-touch, infrared touch, and other touch screens technologies, the LCD panel of industrial tablet computer also has a certain distinction. Users can choose the LCD panel according to the actual scene demand.
Generally speaking, the industrial panel PC manufacturers will use different brands of the LCD screen. Taking Syoung Technology as an example, its LCD suppliers are mainly BOE, Qimei, Qunchuang, sharp, AUO, Mitsubishi, LG, and other well-known brands from domestic and abroad. They all adopt an A + level quality LCD screen. According to the purchase cycle, the LCD panel brands used in each stage of products will be different.
As for the choice of touch screens, just as the BOE will divide LCD display types such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook, monitor, TV, medical treatment, etc., Syoung Technology industrial tablet PC screen support customized high-resolution screen, full viewing angle screen, explosion-proof screen, anti-glare screen, wide temperature screen, anti-peeping screen and other featured screens, which used to meet the special use applications such as laser machine, ATM, self-service machine, etc.
By the way, when it comes to the screen of industrial tablet PCs, some users may pay attention to the parameters such as resolution, image display contrast, display color, screen brightness, etc. Among them, the resolution is related to the size of the monitor. Syoung Technology products including a variety of display sizes, such as 7 ", 8", 10.1 ", 10.4", 11.6 ", 12", 12.1", 15", 15.6 ", 17", 17.3 ", 19", 19.1" and 21.5". The standard resolution of each size is different.
In general, the price rise of the LCD panel will lead to the price rise of many products due to the pressure of increasing cost, and the industrial panel PC can not be avoided. What manufacturers should do is to continue to maintain quality and provide users with high-quality products, so as to minimize and eliminate the negative impact of price increases on users.

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